What we do

Whisper Consultancy creates communications campaigns that work for you. We use our expertise to reach your audience with the right information at the right time. This ranges from articles in the agricultural press to digital campaigns and conventional print advertising. We are always happy to engage with new clients with new and different projects. Any services that you don’t see advertised, still feel free to contact one of the Whisper team to find out how you can work with us.

Media relations

Our goal is to increase positive media coverage for your business by delivering targeted releases, features and articles to our comprehensive network of contacts.

Strategic communications

We don’t just jump into communications. We create an agenda tailored specifically to suit the needs of your company then create a programme where we can measure the results.

Issue management

In our line of work we are trained to expect the unexpected. When a company faces a public relations issue, it is how they deal with the problem that counts. We are no strangers to crisis management can offer an informative controlled method of resolution.


When writing for publication, editors want facts and information but it must be engaging. We pride ourselves on producing content that stands on its own merit but also conveys the messages and identity of your brand.


Whether it’s advertising, brochures or websites, we can deliver style and visuals that hit the mark with your audience. We have a network of trusted designers that deliver engaging artwork that matches your company’s image.